• Little Dragons

    Our Little Dragons class (ages 5-7) is a great way to begin Karate training. With its own advancement program, these little karateka are small in stature, but giant in spirit! Osu!

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  • Challenge Yourself!

    Move faster, push harder, and be stronger! Get in the best physical and mental shape of your life while learning a skill that you can use the rest of your life. Get started today!

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  • After-School Program

    Watch your children build a strong character and get physically fit in our after school program at Leeds Primary School (Monday and Wednesday from 3:15 to 4:00 pm) and Leeds Elementary School (Tuesday and Thursday from 3:15 to 4:00 pm). See programs and pricing for details.

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Sensei Larry Sandlin

Kanzen Karate Do was formed by Sensei Larry Sandlin, Renshi and Godan 5th Dan black belt from the passion he has for passing on his knowledge and love of traditional Japanese Karate Do to others. He believes through quality training and committment one can achieve personal growth which he/she will carry throughout their lifetime.


Sensei Richard Lovell

Also instructing at Kanzen Karate Do is Sensei Richard Lovell, Renshi and Godan 5th Dan black belt.  Sensei Larry and Sensei Richard have trained Karate for 20+ years each under, Hachidan, 8th Dan Shihan David Pope of Hirano Ha Karate Do Association.

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The Ultimate Goal


Souke"By daily, and through a systematic training of physical, mental, technical and moral learning, building and cultivating strong self-confidence, self-control, self-discipline and courtesy towards others becomes a reality. The development of these character traits becomes a strong foundation toward overcoming any hardship of daily living, such that the individual may pursue and achieve the goal of his life. This effort will contribute immensely towards a longer, healthier, more energetic and peaceful life, as well as learning one of the oldest and dynamic means of self-protection."

Kiyohisa Hirano Souke (1977)

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ScheduleClick here to see our current CLASS SCHEDULE. You may also print a schedule here.

EtiquetteUnderstanding DOJO ETIQUETTE is an important part of your training. Click here for details.

TerminologyIn class, we frequently use traditional Japanese TERMINOLOGY for the various techniques and excercises we engage in. Click here to learn these terms.

Events Stay current with SPECIAL EVENTS.  They can be found here.

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