1.   Avoid eating and drinking for one hour before training.

2.   Always wear a proper gi.

3.   Arrive for class at least 5 minutes prior to class time.

4.   Remove shoes and place them along with your bag in designated area.

5.   Keep finger and toe nails clean and trimmed.

6.   Do not wear any type of jewelry while training.

7.   Bow and OSU! When entering and leaving the Dojo floor

8.   Always greet instructors with a strong OSU! Followed by their rank and name (example:  “OSU Sensei Larry”)

9.   Greet each other with a strong OSU!

10.  Do not talk in the Dojo during class, on or off the floor.

11.  Never leave the training floor without permission from the instructor.

12.  Always follow instruction.

13.  Direct questions and comments to instructors only at proper times during class.

14.  Take initiative to help lower ranks when they need help.

15.  Do not bring food or drinks into the training area of the Dojo.

16.  Do not leave food or drinks in any area of the Dojo.

17.  Practice Home Training:

  • Say “Good morning” and “Good night”
  • Use “Please” and “Thank you”
  • Clean your room
  • Come to Karate training without being reminded

18.  As a KKD student, you always represent KKD, its philosophies and precepts, in and out of the Dojo.

19.  Bring a friend to class.  Share in the fun and rewards.

20.  Train hard and enjoy your experience.

21.  Remember this is your Dojo – Take pride in it.