Various LevelsLittle Dragons Program

This program is specifically geared toward our youngest students (ages 5 to 7). It is designed to teach basic karate techniques while developing strength, fitness, coordination, self-defense, concentration and confidence. More importantly, it gives them a fun, but disciplined environment where they will learn to listen, follow instructions, show good manners and be respectful of others. They will gain an increased self-esteem and self-control.

This program has its own advancement outside of the standard program (designated by white stripes on their belts). Upon completion and once all requirements are met the student will be moved into regular classes. This program costs $65 per month. Training is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A one-time registration fee is not included (see below for details).

Home Schooling Students Program

This program is created for home schools students to train in karate and earn their physical education credit. The student will enjoy all the benefits of Karate training. Kanzen Karate Do will keep track of the student’s attendance and will provide a copy to the student monthly in order to receive the required credit.

These students train in our regularly scheduled or daytime classes. This program costs $85 per month. This allows for training two days each week. It is not an unlimited training program (unlimited training falls under the standard program—see details below). A one-time registration fee is not included (see below for details).

Family Karate Program

Kanzen Karate Do has several families that train in Karate together with us. It is important to do things as a family and this is a way that families can be physically active together, have a common interest and share in the positive aspects Karate provides to individuals such as respecting others and yourself.

The family program cost $155 per month for two family members and $225 per month for three or more family members. There is no additional monthly charge for additional family members fourth and beyond. (Note: For pricing considerations, family consists of parents and children only). A one-time registration fee per family member (all family members need to pay this fee) is not included (see below for details).

Standard Program

This program is for students seven years old and up. It allows you unlimited training and you are encouraged and welcome to train in any class up to the belt level you currently hold. For example, a blue belt may train in the beginner, intermediate and advanced where a white and yellow belt needs to train in the beginner classes only.  Training includes kata, kumite and weapons.

This program costs $85 per person per month. A one-time registration fee is not included (see below for details).

After-School Program

While school is in session, Kanzen Karate Do offers an after-school program at Leeds Elementary School on Teusdays and Thursdays at 3:15 pm to 4 pm and Leeds Elementary School on Monday and Wednesdays at 3:15 pm to 4 pm. This I a great way to build strong character, get physically fit while training in kata and sparring drills and enhance self-confidence and self-discipline.

The cost of this program is $99 for the each student for the first month (which includes a Karate Gi, white belt and school patch). After the first month, the cost is $85 per month per student and is due on the first day of each month. This is the equivalent of our standard training program and includes unlimited training at the dojo as well.

* If you would like to try a class for free, come see us.


One-Time Registration Fee

A one-time standard registration fee of $75 per student is charge. This includes your Gi (uniform), while belt and Dojo (school) patch. Every student pays this fee unless is specifically included in one our special registration programs.

Other Fees Not Included

We believe in being completely transparent and up-front with our pricing, so please understand that mandatory belt promotion testing fees are not included in the aforementioned pricing ($45 per student per test). These are charged each time a student tests for a higher rank. Belt colors include white, yellow, purple, orange, red, green, blue, brown and black belt.

For those students who choose to compete in tournaments (tournaments are completely optional), there will be additional entry fees, travel fees and gear required (see the sidebar of our class schedule page for details). We do not charge an additional fee to be a part of our competion team, but we do require that a special class be attended and participation in fund raisers to sponsor our competition team is highly encouraged.

Likewise, we sell additional gear (bags, hand pads, foot pads and belts) which we sometimes use in training. We have limited and donated gear available for students in class, but encourage each enrolled student to purchase his/her own personal gear for use.